Fine chemical materials
that will enrich your life

FILWEL fine chemical materials bring brilliant value to the world of high-tech equipment growth and brighten our ordinary, everyday lives.

MessageCreating fine chemical materials that will continue to brighten our lives into the future.

Precision polishing pads that enable the nanolevel surface finishing that is essential for manufacturing substrates and other components in ever-evolving electronic and precision equipment.
Artificial leather that is processed into school bags and other leather products that are an essential part of many aspects of our lives.
FILWEL's fine chemical materials are developed based on artificial leather manufacturing technology, and are increasingly used to create new value in response to industry and lifestyle needs.

FILWEL will continue to contribute to the creation of new value and to a brighter future with lustrous fine chemical materials that help to realize a rich and sustainable society where people, technology, and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

Precision Polishing Pad Business

Precision polishing pads that are used for final finishing in the high-tech equipment manufacturing process.
FILWEL will help you achieve the high-precision finishing you need under many different processing conditions.

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Artificial Leather Business

We offer a selection of proven artificial leather materials with natural texture and beauty, as well as high functionality.

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Business Locations

FILWEL provides a total manufacturing base, gathering the best in each field to maintain and improve quality to meet the demands of precision equipment manufacturing, ensure stable and safe production, and master FILWEL’s proven production technologies.

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About Us

Exploring the possibilities of fine chemical materials and contributing to the development of tomorrow’s society.

Business Locations

Hofu is a historic city that has prospered since ancient times as the provincial capital of Suo Province.
Our base of operations is located in the temple town of Hofu Tenmangu Shrine, one of the Three Great Tenjins (shrines dedicated to the deity Tenjin) of Japan.


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